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426.76 MB
Minimum requirements:
- Windows XP
- 1.4 MHz Processor
- 256 MB RAM
- 64 MB graphics card with HW T & L
- 620 MB free hard disk
- DirectX 9.0c

In the range of real time strategy games, Age of Empires III takes us to a new world, still hostile but beautiful. Among the novelties to be found in this new installment of the saga, we have new scenarios, innovative possibilities within the game and of course, highlighting the graphic aspects that are simply breathtaking.

We have available several cultures to play, based on the decisions we make throughout the game, such civilizations can flourish or collapse. Each village has its own characteristics that we must take into account to succeed in the growth and well-being and then move to the next ages.

The graphics are constructed entirely in 3D and realism is brought to the point that anything we see on stage can be destroyed.

The central story of the game goes around Morgan Black and his descendants, struggling to establish themselves and survive in the 24 scenarios that are before us, from Europe to South America.

A unique game in its class. Download it now and start to live an unforgettable adventure!
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